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All Inertia Wave Offers Identical Performance and Functionality No Matter What Color. You Can Expect the Same High Level of Strength and Effectiveness. Color is Simply a Choice.  

Keep One In Your Trunk, Travel, a Wave Station in Your Home, or Bring it to Your Fitness Center.  

The Inertia Wave® 2-PACK. Choose Inertia Wave SOLO Model, STRONG, or DUO,  

This is our MOST POPULAR Store Item. HIIT & Core Training Equipment for Home, Gym, or Travel.  With over 50 Ways to anchor.  Watch & Learn the Beginner Methods, for a Fast-Paced Kick-Ass workout. Or Level Up to the ADVANCED Methods. Add the Inertia Wave Strong to the cart, & You Get to perform LIMITLESS Strength Training Exercises.  Watch Inertia Wave STRONG Review & Workout Videos. (STRONG- adds €39.00 to Cart) 

*The STRONG is an advanced, enhanced SOLO with 4 -Attachments For Strength Training Between Wave Patterns.  

Impossible to Compare to Battle Ropes.  

What's included with your purchase:

 Models of your choice

  • 1-FREE Travel Bag (Holds 2 Inertia Waves)
  • Everything You Need to Start Training Within Minutes
  • Complete Kits
  • No need to purchase anything, but a Door Anchor if you plan on
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